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Our solutions-first strategy is to provide customized solutions
that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations


Keep your system tuned with diagnostic testing before, during and after a product’s life cycle.

Sample Testing

We test returned samples in the condition they are received, as well as after they have been cleaned. Providing a control allows us to accurately test and measure the performance and identify product and system faults.

Product Trials

Some applications require custom solutions. We can work with you to optimize the performance of your system by tailoring quality solutions to meet your specific needs, processes, application requirements and goals.

Detailed Reports

Product tests and trial results are provided in detailed reports that enable accurate and efficient fault finding, benchmarking, optimization and troubleshooting – maximizing the life of your filters and minimizing cost.

Collaborative Design

Through customizations, applied product modifications and recommendations, we work with our clients to address specific conditions – empowering us to design and develop the next generation of industrial filtration products.

On-site training

Enable your site and project staff through education designed to optimize performance and minimize cost.

Our many years of experience have led to detailed training presentations on a range of subjects. These include filtration, system operation and maintenance, environmental regulations, and more. Our in-depth presentations can be further tailored to suit individual site and industry applications processes.

We Offer

Industrial Filtration
Products Training
Maintenance and
Troubleshooting Training
System Optimization

On-site audits

Empower and inform your decision-making process through comprehensive observation and critical analysis.

We provide detailed audit reports analyzing operating, control and filter cleaning systems designed to identify system performance problems and faults, and scope rectification and replacement solutions if necessary – everything you need to make the right decisions.

On–site filter leak testing

Detect, identify and correct leaking filters to keep your system running smoothly.

Broken or holed filters are not just an inconvenience or a potential violation of emission regulations. If left unchecked, breached filters will contaminate adjacent filters and severely shorten their operating life.
We provide on-line flourescent dye leak detection testing to identify possible causes and sources of high dust collector emissions. When combined with laboratory testing, we can identify issues and take action to prevent re-occurences.
Advancetex International supplies a full range of Flourescent Leak Detection Powder in a range of colours and sizes. This allows us to provide the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for you application.

Management services

Guarantee your project is completed to worldwide standards with quality management conducted by experienced leading experts.

Our management services are designed to maximize quality and minimize costs by providing the right instruction, experience and insights for your project – creating a benchmark for your future filter removal and installation projects.

We Offer

Project Management of large scale filter replacement projects
Provisioning of management and training for your site labour
Project Safety analysis including construction of JSEA documentation
On-line and off-line filter removal and installation management services
Management of the new filter pre-conditioning process
Detailed service reports when your project has been completed

Beyond supervision


Full scale removal, installation and commissioning services

In addition to our management services, we can also provide a quality turnkey one-stop-shop, complete with full project crews – including labour and the necessary training.

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