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We design custom engineered industrial filtration products that meet our clients needs. From raw materials straight through to finished products, our design and manufacturing capabilities are nearly limitless – enabling us to deliver the very best in quality and cost-effective solutions.

The Advancetext International advantage is our ability to deliver the right solution for your most difficult challenges. Through a combination of innovative custom designed solutions, client relationships focused on collaboration, and extensive support services, Advancetex is truly your partner for success.

Featured Product

Ad-Flow™ System

The perfect combination of innovative industrial filtration technology,
collaboration and support services.

3 Things


At the heart of the Ad-Flow™ System is our innovative extended surface filter bag and a custom support cage (Patent Pending). Our innovative system is designed to complement yours.


We work with you to identify, analyze and optimize. By understanding your process and challenges, we are able to craft the right Ad-Flow™ System solution specifically for you.


Advancetex International offers extensive product and client support services designed to maximize performance and operating life of your Ad-Flow™ filters – giving you an advantage.

The Ad-Flow™ System extended surface filter bags’ innovative design offers more effective filtration area when compared to conventional filters. When utilized correctly, this dramatic increase can result in an array of benefits which can be individually optimized further – benefits that have been proven in many larger scale applications.

A few step change
improvements include:

Increases in gas flow to the process filters
Reduced power consumption from fans and compressed air equipment
Reduction in filter and overall system resistance
Reduction in emissions
Reduction in cleaning requirements and frequency
Increased system productivity as a results of system de-bottlenecking

Maximize your

The Ad-Flow™ System has numerous benefits that apply to specific industries and can be optimized specifically for your application. From aluminum to cement, increased dry scrubber efficiency to increased chemical reaction time – we can help.

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Standard filters & cages

In addition to the Ad-Flow™ System, Advancetex also supplies conventional filter bags and cages to suit your application needs.


We have an existing range of fabrics specifically designed to maximize the benefits of particular industries, as well as the capability to develop the right “blend” for your application. The varieties that fibres can be manufactured in are almost limitless – going far beyond conventional and standard.


The correct fit between your filter bags and cages is extremely important. Advancetex International can optimize your filter bag design to fit your current cages, or supply replacement cages with high quality corrosion and temperature resistant coatings.

Convention Redefined

Using our extensive design and application experience, we continuously work with our clients to ensure the design, specification, and quality of their conventional filter bags are the right solution for their specific process conditions and application needs.

Support Extended

These capabilities are extended by our client support services, designed to help you achieve the best performance and operating life of your filters and system. Take advantage of our industrial filtration knowledge and experience by utilizing our testing and diagnostic services.

Spare parts & ancillaries

Correct specification and operation is vital to the performance and health of your system.



The performance and operating life of your filters and system can be affected by the use of inappropriate or deficient ancillaries. We can analyse the condition and suitability of your current parts and provide a full range of quality replacement parts and ancillaries, including valves, solenoids, diaphragm kits, seals, pulse controllers and guages.

To view our full range of spare parts and trace powders go to

Leak Detection Powder

Fluorescent Leak Detection Powder is commonly used to detect localized leaks allowing for timely and efficient repairs. We supply a full range of Fluorescent Leak Detection Powder in a variety of colours and sizes. We can provide the colour that is most appropriate for your particulate dust, and we can even perform the Leak Detection Tests where and when required.


Beyond products

Advancetex International is much more than a parts supplier. We are your collaborative business partner. We combine experience and capability to ensure you get the most out of your dust collector and industrial filtration equipment. We are your advantage.

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