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Ad-Flow™ filters

What’s on the surface?

More surface.

Ad-Flow™ Extended Surface Filters maximize the effective filtration area far beyond conventional filters without an increased footprint.

Converting existing systems to Ad-Flow™ technology does not require major equipment changes. Our innovative design (Patent Pending) incorporates features that can dramatically increase surface area over conventional bags that occupy the same space. Ad-Flow™ filters can be constructed to fit round or oval shaped cell plate openings without costly modifications.

Ad-Flow™ Technology
Conventional Filters

Our difference. Significant advantage.



Polyester through PTFE

A full range from simple to complex.
Call us to discuss your options.

Ad-Flow™ filters can be constructed from a range of conventional synthetic polymer industrial filtration media or from custom designed and engineered media structures.
The varieties that these fibers can be manufactured in are nearly limitless – blends, caps, fiber size blending, and variations of webs on different scrims.
Once the fabrics have been manufactured, Ad-Flow™ filters can be further enhanced with the application of different finishes and fiber treatments.

No Temperature Limitations
Using Traditional Media
Scalable Cage Design
for Future Upgrade
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Ad-Flow™ cages

Cages that complement

Ad-Flow™ filters and cages are made for each other –
designed and engineered for versatility.

Backwards Compatible

Although Ad-Flow™ filters require their matching cages, our cages can be used with conventional filters – enabling future capacity upgrades to Ad-Flow™ Extended Surface Filters without upgrading the cage.

Ease of Installation

Ad-Flow™ cages can be installed as a single section or multiple joined sections to accommodate various bag lengths. Our proprietary joint design ensures that the installation process is a simple one.

Variety Customized

Like our filters, Ad-Flow™ cages can be customized to your specifications. Cages can be constructed from mild or stainless steel, and a variety of corrosion protection finishes and treatments are available.

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Factors in cage design and finish can influence the life of
the filter and the overall operation of your system

Our many years of industry experience allow us to work with you in optimizing your cage
design to enhance the operation of your system and overall life of the filters.

Cage Design Removes Unnecessary
Wear and Flex Points
Application-Specific Cage
Treatments and Finishes

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