Ad-Flow™ System

The result is more results

The beauty and brillance of the Ad-Flow™ System is in the result –
results creating results that can benefit every facet of your process.


It all starts at the surface

– The advantage –

+ plus

Ad-Flow™ System filters delivers an increase in effective surface area over other conventional filters on the market.

This simple statistic serves as the foundation for realizing numerous significant and dramatic results. Each result presents its own set of distinct benefits.

Advancetex International’s team of experts can also optimize these improvements individually or in combination to deliver on your specific process improvement demands.


Discovering balance

– The impact –


Reduced Air-to-Cloth Ratio

The air-to-cloth ratio is used to calculate and measure velocity. The Ad-Flow™ System Extended Surface Filter’s increase in available cloth area effectively decreases gas and dust velocity along the surface of the filter.

Change in Filter Cake Morphology

A combination of the filters’ increased surface area, aerodynamic design features and the resulting decrease in gas and dust velocity allows for a more even distribution of dust and particulate on the filter’s surface.

Filter Cake

Lower Pressure Drop

The impact of these changes is a reduction in both filter and overall system resistance and a lower pressure drop across your system.

Achieving success

– The results –

Reduced cleaning frequency

50% – 75%


A combination of the Ad-Flow™ System’s Extended Surface Filter, change in filter cake morphology, and subsequent reduction in pressure drop allows the cleaning frequency of the filters to be greatly reduced. Recent observations have shown that descreases of 25% to 50% are regularly achievable. Compressed air is often the highest operating costs. Less pulse cleaning equals cost savings.

Compressed Air Savings

With either a central compressor station or a dedicated system, less cleaning means less compressed air needs to be produced and delivered – reducing energy consumption, costs, and environmental impact.


Extended Bag Life

Over time, Reverse Pulse Cleaning causes flex fatigue failures and an increase in particulate penetration. Less cleaning enables Ad-Flow™ System filters to stay healthier, cleaner, and more effective longer.


Reduced Emissions

The majority of particulate emissions occur during the brief period of filter element cleaning. Less cleaning reduces these emissions – reducing environmental impacts and costs and increasing efficiency.


Increased gas flow

Reducing filter resistance, overall system resistance, and pressure drop can help maximize fan performance, enabling an increase in
efficiency, an increase in productivity, or an optimized combination of both.
Pressure Air Flow Graph

Increased Fan Efficiency

An optimised fan allows more gas to be moved with less power and stress – reducing energy consumption, costs, and environmental impact. Less stress also maximises the potential for longer equipment life.


Back to the beginning

Both existing applications and new installation and construction
projects can take advantage of the Ad-Flow™ System.

smaller footprint

A Smaller Capital Expenditure

The significantly greater filtration surface per meter offered by the Ad-Flow™ System filter means the capital expenditure for gas treatment can be reduced in new installation and construction projects.

upgrade now

Upgrade Now

Ad-Flow™ System filters occupy the same space as conventional filters allowing an upgrade to instantly increase the effective surface area without any major or costly modifications to your system.

upgrade later

Upgrade Later

If you are not quite ready to upgrade and implement the Ad-Flow™ System as a whole, Ad-Flow™ cages are designed to be versatile and can be used with conventional filters – allowing you to upgrade to Ad-Flow™ filters when you are ready. Ad-Flow™ cages are also scalable in size, offering additional flexibility.

Taking it further

When applied to an industry like aluminum smelting, the Ad-Flow™ System can enhance your process far beyond the typical dust collector duties. Let us show you how.

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